Children’s Easter Gift Guide 2024

Easter Gift Guide

Some of our favourite gifts this Easter…

With Easter looming (Sunday March 31 2024!) We’ve put together some ‘eggcellent’ Children’s Easter gifts and some ‘cracking’ gift ideas for baby’s first Easter. Not forgetting the adults, our fun googly eyed Easter cards would be ‘smashing’ for an Easter note to a friend or loved one.

Personalised Children’s Clocks

Personalised Children's Chicken Clock

First up are our ever popular personalised kids clocks, If you’re looking for something personalised and bespoke we have some super cute Personalised Children’s Clocks which make a special Easter gift for the little ones.

Learn to tell the time with a Stripey Cats Clock

Telling the time can be lots of fun with these cute and quirky googly-eyed children’s animal clocks. Personalise them with your own name, colour and favourite animal to make a truly bespoke special children’s gift.

No Tick Tock it’s a silent clock!

These fabulous clocks can be hung on the wall or stood on a shelf and contain a silent mechanism, so they won’t be disturbing anyone’s sleep (mums and dads included!)

Send direct to the lucky recipient

All our personalised clocks can be sent direct with a matching googly-eyed card, to include your gift message and choose to have it gift wrapped to make the complete hassle free bespoke easter gift.

Choose your favourite Easter Animal Clock below

Children’s Animal Flags

Next up is our lovely Personalised Animal Flags, the perfect gift for a baby’s first Easter.

New baby gift for the nursery

These adorable animal flags make a cute addition to any playroom, bedroom or nursery. Hang them on the wall,  door or bedpost…these pennant flags will look great for years to come and make a fantastic keepsake.

Children’s Animal Alphabet Prints

Easter doesn’t have to be all about the Bunnies (or chocolate). Why not gift our Children’s Alphabet Prints, perfect for the little ones nursery, playroom or bedroom.

You could choose the corresponding letter to their name or simply choose their favourite animal or Dinosaur! Our prints will fit any off the shelf frames.

Easter Cards

Why not send your Easter gifts and Easter wishes with one of our super cute Easter Cards featuring googly-eyed Chicks, Lambs and Bunnies, they are a great card to send to the kids or adults! Celebrate babies first easter with our super cute easter bunny card.

Children's Easter Gifts in Child's Bedroom.

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas for some alternative (sugar free!) Children’s Easter gifts…

Have a Happy Easter from all of us at Stripey Cats, we’re all off home to Cumbria this Easter for hot cross buns lathered with Rum Butter, Crosby’s fish and chips and an egg dumping competition!…Cracking!

Egg dumping – A Cumbrian Easter Tradition…

a bowl of pasche eggs for Dumping a cumbrian easter tradition.

Egg dumping is a Cumbrian tradition using ‘Pasche eggs’ (pronounced pace) which are eggs boiled in onion skins which turns them a golden brown, the aim of the game is to crack your opponent’s egg whilst keeping yours intact by ‘dumping’ (hitting the top of their egg with the point of your egg!)….Give it a go it’s a fun and quite competitive competition!

Good Egg greetings card with googly eyes

Happy Easter!