Halloween Gift ideas

Trick or Treat halloween Witch illustration

Feels like summer’s barely got here and soon we’ll be waving it goodbye….ahh Autumn – the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, as the romantic poet Keats would have it…….and also of Bonfire Night and Halloween, so put the kettle on pour yourself a warm drink and check out our Halloween gift ideas for 2023.



This traditional time when the kids venture out into the dark of the night, dressed in ghoulish costumes, mums make treacle toffee and the dads rig up an apple- bobbing station, is not so much scary as a time for fun!

Although the origins of October 31 are in remembrance of the dead, its religious significance has in the main been lost, in favour of an opportunity for children – and adults – to get together, dress up, face-paint, eat and drink.. and generally have a good time.

Nothing beats coming in from the cold to warm your hands and feet by the fire, snuggling into a comfy rug with a mug of hot Vimto (or something stronger!) to tell ghost stories till the early hours…….Some wag bangs on the window – WHAT WAS THAT !!!!!

The word Halloween is derived from All Hallows Eve, ‘hallows’ being the saints, marking the night before All Saints or All Souls Day.
And the American influence of ‘trick or treating’ round the neighbours’ houses has now become a well established part of the British tradition. And which child doesn’t love to receive a Happy Halloween card from gran, auntie or a best friend, as a special treat.

Halloween Cards

halloween cards that glow in the dark witch illustration

Our stunning Halloween designs are more cutesy than spooky…and we know kids (and adults) love to receive them…and with their glow-in-the-dark green googly eyes (the cards that is, not the adults!) they make terrific Halloween party invitations too.

Halloween Party Decorations

Our Halloween pennant flags can be used as great decoration for the party room or venue, or choose to hang them out on the front door to let those pesky trick or treaters to beware!! Our Dracula, Witch and Frankenstein flags also come with glow in the dark eyes! making them the perfect Halloween party decoration.

Halloween drinks

These spooktacular Halloween mugs make the perfect addition for all those ghostly gatherings! Fill them up with spooky squash and creepy cocktails to make the perfect Halloween tipple!

childrens halloween mugs

Our Halloween mugs make a great gift for young and old Halloween lovers. Use them every year for ghoulishly gruesome parties you could even take them trick or treating to store all the goodies you collect…Yum!

There are four designs to choose from – Witches’ Brew, Frankenstein’s Brain Juice, Dracula’s Blood and Pumpkin Punch.

halloween party cups

If you are sending direct to recipient why not add a matching card with glow in the dark googly eyes and have it gift wrapped.

These lovely mugs make great gifts that can be used every year for yummy hot chocolate, the little ones drinks or mummy and daddy’s favourite poison punch …CHEERS!

Children's Halloween Mug